A Belgrade man, 61, was arrested Nov. 6 for a first-offense domestic assault when he threw a coffee table in the living room. According to the deputy’s report, the married couple began to argue about their children while the wife was making dinner. The husband, drunk, then started yelling at his wife and threw the coffee table. An “ungrateful child” was the stated impetus for the coffee table incident.

Since the husband was older, taller and heavier than his wife, he was arrested for domestic assault and held on no bond.

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A bench warrant was served on Mark Christopher Owensby II, 37, for failure to appear in court regarding an arrest for second-offense driving while suspended and second-offense driving without insurance. Currently of Three Forks, Owensby has been showing up in the local cop reports since 2005, when he was 21. His April 2021 arrest had him jailed for assaulting a county deputy as he was arrested for driving in a high rate of speed through several Three Forks neighborhoods, second-offense DUI, fleeing from police, and resisting arrest.

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Not exactly “Father Knows Best” ...

Gallatin County deputies were doing a welfare check on a 16-year-old boy who was supposed to be living with his dad in Gallatin Gateway but actually was living with his girlfriend and her stepgrandfather in Clarkston.

On Aug. 5, a deputy visited the Clarkston home of John Spano to check on the boy, who at that time did not exhibit any signs of drug use. Spano said the boy was there because of his stepgranddaughter.

On a later visit, Spano said he had kicked the boy out because he had been stealing from him.

On a return visit Nov. 3 a deputy served a summons on Spano. (The summons moved a car theft charge against Spano from Justice Court to state District Court. His initial hearing on that charge of felony auto theft is before District Court Judge John Brown on Jan. 7.) The deputy found out that the boy and his father were living in a trailer near WinCo in Bozeman, but the trailer had since been confiscated by the Bozeman police because it was stolen.

The two were now living under a tarp on Kimberwicke in an area of open fields north of the Baxter Lane subdivision.

The father said it was the cops’ fault that they lost their trailer, and that his son wanted to live with him and had decided on his own to not attend school. The father said he himself was no longer using methamphetamine and had never used with his son; however, the son admitted to using meth, smoking pot and drinking with his dad. The deputy noted that the kid had lost considerable weight since his August visit.

On Nov. 4 the father was arrested for endangering the welfare of children and jailed without bond.


Jacie Leigh Baldwin, 28, of West Yellowstone was arrested Nov. 8 for violating a restraining order. According to the arrest report, the alleged incident happened in front of the Gallatin Gateway School when another party was dropping off children. According to security cameras at the school, Baldwin screamed at the other party for about 30 seconds, although she later denied having any interaction with said party. The mothers of both adults were also present. Baldwin said she just spoke to her mother, who relayed that conversation to the victim. The restraining order against Baldwin also precluded any third-party contact. She was arrested and held without bond.


Jonathan Colby Phillipson, 36, was stopped Nov. 8 at 10:15 p.m. leaving the Town Pump on Amsterdam and Jackrabbit. He had a cracked windshield, which obstructed his view, but a records search showed that his driving privileges had been revoked since he was deemed a habitual traffic offender for having at least a fourth-offense driving while suspended charges, and fourth-offense driving with no insurance. A further records check showed that he had arrest warrants out of two different states that were unwilling to extradite him and that he was on Probation and Parole out of Bozeman. Phillipson was arrested and held without bond.


On Nov. 8, a bystander reported a domestic in progress at the Missouri Headwaters State Park. New Jersey resident Ye J Jiang, 58, was arrested for repeatedly slapping a woman. He told the deputy they were trying to get to Yellowstone National Park, which was closed, so he decided to drive to Headwaters instead. The bystander said she saw Jiang repeatedly hit the victim, both when she was in the driver and the passenger seat. The victim said she just wanted to start the drive back to the East Coast. Her face showed that she had been beaten; she said Jiang could get angry, but she refused to collaborate the bystander’s testimony. Jiang also refused to answer questions about his actions. He was jailed without bond for a domestic assault.