I can’t find my pants:

On Aug. 11, a citizen called in a truck stopped in the road and partially blocking Valley Center Drive. When a sheriff’s deputy found the truck around 4:30 a.m. at the intersection of Wylie Creek and hit his emergency lights, the driver then drove the truck onto the sidewalk

The report said that the driver, David King, 67, of Bozeman, was “very drunk and nude from the waist down.” When he opened the truck door, the open beer he had between his legs fell out on to the roadway. The report said he was too drunk and too old for field sobriety tests.

He blew a .187 BAC and was ticketed for third offense DUI. He simultaneously had his probation revoked, since he wasn’t supposed to drink. He was held on $30,000 bond.

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Belgrade resident Juan Manuel Alamo, 44, was arrested Aug. 9 for ignoring a restraining order. According to the arrest report, he called the person in question and said, “If I am dying you are going to die, too,” referring to the victim and her children. Alamo was under a current “do not contact” order against the woman. He said he had called her to retrieve his work tools, but when she insulted him, he returned the insult. He denied making any threats.

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On Aug. 9, a county-wide alert for a Subaru that couldn’t stay in its lane on US Highway 191 was finally located at Four Corners, headed east down Huffine. When stopped, the driver Michael Raymond Miles, 54, of California, said he was nodding off from driving for 13 hours. The deputy’s report instead noted that he appeared wide awake “and jittery.”

Miles said he couldn’t perform field sobriety tests because he “was a paraplegic” and couldn’t stand or walk. The deputy had Miles perform some of the field sobriety tests from a seated position, and he did so “poorly.”

Miles eventually admitted he had used methamphetamine within the last day and that he had more meth in his car. He was arrested for felony drug possession.

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Michelle A. Richards, 28, a Belgrade resident, was picked up on a bench warrant for ignoring a court date to respond to a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks summons for having no life jackets in her canoe.

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Billings resident Michael Patrick Anderson, 34, was arrested Aug. 13 for assault for punching a woman in the face in Three Forks.

Despite having injured knuckles and blood on his hand, Anderson denied having punched the victim and said the red stuff on his hand was “marker,” not blood. He also was cited for obstructing a peace officer when he hid in a locked camper. After the victim was treated in the ER, it was apparent she had been simultaneously strangled while she was being punched in the face “about five times,” according to court documents. The medical professional who examined the woman said she had “severe physical injuries.” Anderson eventually was charged with felony aggravated assault.


Angela Sharon Jester, 35, a Butte transient, was present at the scene of the above-mentioned assault in Three Forks. She was found with a syringe used for meth in her purse, according to court records. She was arrested for felony possession of dangerous drugs and jailed on $10,000 on one charge and no bond on another charge.

She subsequently was charged with two bench warrants: one issued in July out of Dillon for theft, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass, and one out of Butte in November 2020 for criminal contempt.

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This started when a woman accused Cade Cunningham Dawson, 42, of shoving her off a porch on Linney Spur Road north of West Cameron Bridge Road. It happened at 10 p.m. Aug. 13, with the defendant “clearly intoxicated.” According to court records, he insisted he was the victim, not the aggressor. Although the victim bore all the signs of having been strangled, Dawson denied that at any time had done so. He did eventually admit that as he shoved her, he “may” have placed his hands around her neck. He was charged with strangulation of a partner.

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First you hit; then you run:

On Aug. 5 at 10 p.m., Montana Highway Patrol responded to a hit-and-run accident south of Big Sky near the 320 Guest Ranch on US Highway 191. A white SUV was struck and rolled by a gray SUV, which fled the scene, according to the accident report. North of the site, at mile marker 28, a heavily damaged silver Chevy Trailblazer was discovered by the side of the road. The MHP officer said when he approached, the apparent driver ducked down behind an embankment. The SUV had heavy driver side damage and a front driver side tire bent backwards 90 degrees and almost dislodged from the car.

Melissa Ann Crungale, 32, said she thought she had hit something, but wasn’t sure what. She flunked her field sobriety tests and blew a .185 BAC on the breathalyzer. Two hours later she would blow a .166 BAC at the Big Sky Sheriff’s office. She was jailed for first offense DUI, hit and run, open container, failure to carry proof of insurance, operating a vehicle in unsafe condition, and failure to remain on the scene of a crash.

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A report of a domestic disturbance Aug. 15 at the intersection of Frontage and Nelson roads led to the discovery of the alleged victim walking barefoot down the Frontage Road. Although there is an active restraining order against Timothy Joseph O’Brien, 60, of Minnesota, he was with the victim and had struck her, according to charging documents. He was jailed.

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A series of 911 and sheriff’s dispatch hang-up calls for help eventually resulted in the arrest of Dennis Antonio Suazo-Valle, 29, in Gallatin Gateway. Although it was impossible to tell where the calls came from, it ended up being the same location as a disturbance call at Wheeler Mountain Way. The victim reported ongoing violence and recent damage to her car that occurred when Suazo-Valle took exception to her going somewhere with the children, blocked her with his vehicle, and attempted to destroy her car’s window.

Another resident stated that the defendant regularly fights with and abuses the victim. He was jailed for domestic assault.