Belgrade resident Zachary Thomas Ellis, 35, was stopped March 2 for a single car crash at Huffine and Love lanes. A witness said he seen Ellis “pass out” and hit two traffic signs, according to police. Deputies found broken traffic signs, and tire marks in the ditch. He was found in his River Rock driveway after 5 p.m. with fresh damage on his Jeep, and admitted he’d been huffing Dust Off computer cleaner, police said.

Law enforcement also said he admitted he’d passed out his way home, and crashed. He had an almost empty can of Dust Off, flunked his field sobriety tests, and blew a 0.000 blood alcohol BAC. He was arrested for 3rd offense DUI-Drugs, failure to remain at the scene of a crash, failure to notify owner along the crash scene, and failure to give notice of a crash.