The Belgrade City Council on Monday resolved to adopt a plan that will permanently amend the city’s Growth Policy in the area where the council imposed interim residential zoning last summer to prevent the development of a gravel pit.

The council passed a resolution of intent to Adopt the Four Graces Project 238 Plan as an amendment to the Belgrade Growth Policy. Project 238 identifies a large area north and west of the new Story Creek Elementary School for residential development.

“By designating it as residential high density, it would allow us to proceed to the Planning Board to recommend zoning for this whole area so we can have some control over the uses out there,” Planning Director Jason Karp said before the council voted.

The area is “flat and rocky, so it’s a good place for gravel pits and residential subdivisions,” Karp added.

By stating its intention to adopt the resolution, the council seemed to indicate its preference for residential subdivisions over gravel pits.

The council is set to approve final adoption of the change at its June 7 meeting.

A city memo states that after the plan is adopted, the developer will begin the process to zone and subdivide the property under the purview of the Planning Board and City Council.