Starting Sunday, the Bozeman Ranger District will close the gate to Upper Fairy Lake at mile marker 4.4 near the Carrol Creek Trailhead due to logging activity in the Fairy Lake Road area.

The FS74 road past this gate will be closed to all uses, including foot traffic, for up to two weeks starting the evening of July 18 through July 30. Visitors may still access Fairy Lake by parking at the Carrol Creek Trailhead and following Fairy Creek Trail #500 approximately two miles to the lake.

Fairy Lake Campground also will be closed starting the evening of July 18. The closure is necessary to allow contractors to work with heavy equipment near the road.

The project, 13 miles northeast of Bozeman and just north of the Bridger Bowl Ski area, is located in the wildland urban interface on the Bozeman Ranger District, Custer Gallatin National Forest. The current phase of work is expected is to run through January 2022.

If work is completed earlier than anticipated, the Bozeman Ranger District will reopen the Fairy lake Road to traffic and inform the public at that time.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but this short-term closure is needed for public safety which is always our top priority” said Corey Lewellen, Bozeman District ranger.

The Bozeman Ranger District also anticipates the need for a future closure on the Fairy Creek Trail FS #500 from the Battle Ridge trailhead when active logging occurs in that area later this fall. This closure will occur given safety concerns with log trucks hauling on this route. Any road/trail closures will be posted in advance.

Project information can be found online at: The project is intended to address several issues, including reducing the susceptibility of vegetation to insect and disease; minimizing tree mortality contributing to fuel loading; decreasing fuel build-up that can lead to high-intensity wildfire; and supplying forest products to support local economies and mills.

Visitors should expect to see increased traffic, construction, and logging equipment in the area, including log-hauling on the popular Fairy Lake and South Brackett Creek roads. The project will include extensive mitigation measures to protect public resources, as well as follow-up monitoring to determine project success.

To stay abreast of the latest developments, follow Custer Gallatin National Forest on Facebook or call Bozeman Ranger District at (406) 522-2520.