GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Miller, 54, of Laurel is a former state senator and the proprietor of Laurel Furniture Outlet. He is a family man who enjoys hiking and fishing. He agreed to an interview with Izzy Lyman, the first in a series featuring those who want to be Montana’s next governor.

We Americans view our homes as our castles, but it’s easy to feel like a serf, instead of a lord or lady of the manor, when we regularly are forced to pay ‘rent’ to the government for our abodes (even when we have no mortgage) in the form of a property tax.

Halloween is almost here. Jack-o-lanterns, orange and black decorations, full moons, and wee ones dressed in superhero and gypsy costumes never get old. Alas, if only my observations about Oct. 31 could remain lighthearted. But tough financial times mean cutting back on the whimsical and get…

Last week was the a) premiere of Dancing With The Stars, season 13, featuring 12 celebrities vying for the mirror ball trophy, and also the Fox News/Google GOP Republican debate, featuring nine presidential contenders vying to live in the White House.