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Recently, Gov. Ron DeSantis sat down with me for a one-hour interview.

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Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy is obviously a long shot presidential candidate, but he’s refreshing. Unlike most politicians, he speaks clearly …

President Joe Biden and the media are excited about something new: a Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. It's a currency like Bitcoin, exc…

There’s a socialist wave in Latin America. Mexico, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil recently elected leftists.

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Over the past three years, we reporters learned there were certain things that we weren’t allowed to say. Not long ago, in fact, my new video …

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Your flight is delayed? Blame your government.

After a recent hurricane, Puerto Ricans desperately needed fuel.

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Teenage basketball star Enes Kanter was shocked when his teammate criticized President Barack Obama on Facebook.

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Did you know that Superman’s son is bisexual? So is Batman’s sidekick, Robin, and lots of other superheroes created by Marvel and DC Comics.

We know about Black Lives Matter. My new video is about a group called Black Guns Matter.

Politicians praise electric cars. If everyone buys them, they say, solar and wind power will replace our need for oil.

The Good: We have divided government. Since Democrats no longer control Congress, they can’t bankrupt America quite so fast!

Some pundits say that Democrats will win the midterms.