Belgrade Garden Club

Members of the Belgrade Garden Club pose with a donated garden box from the Sage Gardeners. The box will located in Lewis & Clark Park in Belgrade and will serve as an educational tool on the importance of pollinators.

The Lewis & Clark Park in Belgrade will soon benefit from the joint effort of the Belgrade Bloomers Garden Club and Sage Gardeners as they provide the city with a raised bed pollinator garden. 

This is an educational project to alert the community, especially youth, about how two-thirds of our fruit and vegetable supply depends on pollinators which are vital to maintain healthy ecosystems. They are essential for plant reproduction and produce genetic diversity in the plants they pollinate. 

The more diverse plants are, the better they can weather changes in the environment. Best of all, pollinators such as hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies are beautiful and fascinating. 

The large raised bed was built and donated by Sage Gardeners. It is already in place, and waiting for composted soil to be delivered. Pollinator plants will be donated and planted by the garden club and their members. They will include bee balm, borage, salvia, phlox, cosmos, zinnia, corn flower, globe thistle, and milkweed. Dandelions roaming about the park are also pollinators. 

Jonquil Nelson, founder and chief volunteer gardener of Sage Gardeners, creates, builds, and assists in maintaining accessible raised bed vegetable gardens and provides horticultural therapy to senior communities such as assisted living accommodations, retirement communities, low income senior housing, parks and community areas, cancer support communities, and small private residences in Gallatin County, Montana. Whether it is building a few raised beds or creating a beautiful garden sanctuary, they bring back vegetable gardens and gardening into senior lives. 

Sage Gardeners can help a senior gardener plant, maintain, and harvest a small accessible garden which will provide nutrition, exercise, sensory stimulation, motivation, stress reduction, and a general happiness factor that will help improve quality of life. If you know of a senior friend who may benefit from their assistance, please contact Jonquil Nelson at Sage Gardeners at 406-599-7969  or go to for complete information.

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