As a retired nurse of more than 45 years, I take issue with the Sept. 16 op-ed written by my colleague Amy Regier (Belgrade News, Sept. 16). I find her opinions about masking in the face of COVID to be misinformed, promoting further misinformation and confusion among our profession and the lay public. I have taken great pains to spread accurate information to these groups because the science behind masking is strong indeed, including a recent large, randomized controlled trial of 350,00 people in India.

Annual Gallup polls have designated nurses as America’s most trusted professionals for 19 straight years. The public trusts them to protect and care for them. While RNs are entitled to opinions, the one thing they cannot ethically do is misinform the public by promoting debate among citizens who lack the expertise and scientific education to evaluate public health measures such as masking. And in challenging one of her professional organizations, the Montana Nurses Association, she is further undermining public confidence in the professional organizations that do offer the expertise on these science subjects that the public so desperately needs. I would hope that Ms Regier would move on from writing junk op-ed pieces and stick to politics, an endeavor in which she obviously has more interest, and leave the dissemination of science-based practices to other more informed nurses.

Robert Hess

Hobe Sound, Fla.

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