Three Forks Boys

Three Forks placed second Saturday at the State B meet at the University of Montana Golf Course.

Heading into the season expectations had been raised for Three Forks’ cross country program. The boys placed third at state a year ago while the girls finished just outside of the podium.

Thus, the goal in 2021 was to move up in the standings. The Wolves' boys managed to do that by earning a runner up finish at the 58th Annual MHSA Cross Country Championships Saturday at the University of Montana Golf Course.

Three Forks finished with 118 points, which was just 18 behind Bigfork, to secure the best performance in program history. The girls placed fifth with 151 points.

“I am so happy with both teams,” Three Forks head coach Tara Forsberg said. “We knew they could both medal, so the anticipation of the final team placement was very difficult.”

The Wolves had four runners place in the top 30 led by Garrett Golding. The junior recorded a time of 17:40.56 to take 11th.

Golding was followed by teammates Bryon Fanning (17th, 17:50.69), Beau Johnston (20th, 17:53.83), and Jacob Ramsey (28th, 18:03.33).

The team was rounded out by Cass Violett (42nd, 18:33.76), Jaron Berg (45th, 18:39.53), and Finn Hanson (57th, 18:57.05).

Three Forks Duo

Three Forks' Garrett Golding, left, and Jayden Woodland earned All-State honors Saturday at the State B meet in Missoula.

“The boys knew they could medal, but also that it was not a given. Having under a minute between our runners and determination earned them a second place,” said Forsberg. “There were a lot of great emotions today. Happy tears, sadness that the season is over.”

Jayden Woodland was the top finisher for Three Forks’ girls. The senior placed sixth with a time of 20:19.09.

Isabella Fink (22nd, 21:55.88) and Bella Jones (24th, 22:07.70) each finished in the top 25, while Devynn Judd (43rd, 23:08.20), Ari Judd (56th, 23:33.93), Rylee Dell (80th, 24:42.10) and Grace Kluin (85th, 25:01.77) rounded out the team.

“Our girls stepped up their race helping keep our points low when one of our runners struggled with a nagging injury,” said Forsberg. “Senior Jayden Woodland had an amazing final high school race finishing sixth.”

Manhattan’s girls placed fourth in the team standings with 115 points. Red Lodge won the title with a score of 87, while Townsend (100) and Columbus (109) were second and third, respectively.

The Tigers were led by the effort of freshman Ella Miller, who was 8th in 20:39.49. Rylee Cameron (21:50.95) and Zoe Axtman (21:53.98) added top 20 finishes after placing 19th and 20th, respectively.

The rest of the team formed a tight pack, which included Sierra Blanchard (32nd, 22:20.85), Saige Duffin (36th, 22:34.26), Miah Fenno (38th, 22:38.04), and Ryen Gipe (63rd, 23:55.68).

Manhattan’s boys were eighth in the team standings with 184 points. Carson Blanchard was the top finisher after crossing the finish line 14th with a time of 17:45.30.

Five of the Tigers’ other six runners finished with a times under 19 minutes beginning with Payden Cantalupo (35th, 18:25.55). The junior was followed by Bryce Anderson (41st, 18:33.38), Andrew Bowen (46th, 18:39.81), Reed Hill (48th, 18:40.27), Gus Stewart (53rd, 18:47.00), and William Rolando (68th, 19:25.78).

Both teams finished as the state runner up a year ago, but were hampered with injuries throughout this fall.

“Kind of a tough day to end a season that had more than our share of adversity,” Manhattan head coach John Sillitti said. “Really proud of our kids for continuing to fight through it.”


(at University of Montana Golf Course)


Team scores: 1. Bigfork 100, 2. Three Forks 118, 3. Eureka 150, 4. Glasgow 155, 5. Jefferson 167, 6. Huntley Project and Wolf Point 179, 8. Manhattan 184, 9. Columbus 283, 10. Cut Bank 287, 11. St. Ignatius 298, 12. Colstrip 356, 13. Thompson Falls 379, 14. Red Lodge 403, 15. Joliet 415, 16. Townsend 421, 17. Missoula Loyola 442, 18. Lodge Grass 444, 19. Poplar 521, 20. Shepherd 556, 21. Harlem 602, 22. Anaconda 628, Deer Lodge 713.

Top 15 individuals (all-state): 1. Brandon Emineth, Red Lodge, 16:39.93; 2. Isaac Reynolds, Eureka, 16:54.09; 3. Jack Jensen, Bigfork, 16:58.80; 4. James Plymale, Columbus, 17:04.07; 5. Peyton Summers, Wolf Point, 17:09.61; 6. Kevin Graves, Huntley Project, 17:30.78; 7. Reed Larsen, Glasgow, 17:30.82; 8. Will Hyatt, Thompson Falls, 17:33.06; 9. Zoran Lafrombois, St. Ignatius, 17:34.52; 10. Elliot Sanford, Bigfork, 17:40.21; 11. Garrett Golding, Three Forks, 17:40.56; 12. Elijah Quick, Red Lodge, 17:42.88; 13. Seth Stevenson, Colstrip, 17:42.98; 14. Carson Blanchard, Manhattan, 17:45.30; 15. Gavin Bates, Eureka, 17:47.71.


Team scores: 1. Red Lodge 87, 2. Townsend 100, 3. Columbus 109, 4. Manhattan 115, 5. Three Forks 151, 6. Huntley Project 209, 7. Colstrip 257, 8. Glasgow and Poplar 278, 10. Bigfork 308, 11. Shepherd 337, 12. Deer Lodge 365, 13. Eureka 420, 14. Big Timber 426, 15. St. Ignatius 459, 16. Lodge Grass 509, 17. Anaconda 527, 18. Cut Bank 543, 19. Arlee 612.

Top 15 individuals (all-state): 1. Emma Stolte, Townsend, 1:20.19; 2. Renea Parker, Jefferson, 1:20.33; 3. Natalie Wood, Big Timber, 1:20:57; 4. Iris McKean, Glasgow, 1:21:02; 5. Kelsey Plymale, Columbus, 1:21.09; 6. Jayden Woodland, Three Forks, 1:21.19; 7. Makenzie Sheilds, Columbus, 1:21.36; 8. Ella Miller, Manhattan, 1:21.40; 10. Brayli Reimer, Red Lodge, 1:21.48; 11. Jazmin Gorder, Poplar, 1:22.05; 12. Taya Trottier, Harlem, 1:22.06; 13. Bailey Binando, Red Lodge, 1:22.12; 14. Memphys Meier, Townsend, 1:22.15; 15. Brooke Binando, Red Lodge, 1:22.31.

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