Golf Ball

Neither Manhattan nor Three Forks’ girls took home hardware from the state Class B tournament Wednesday at Eaglerock Golf Course in Billings.

Still, it was a great two days for both programs as Manhattan boasted an All-State finisher in Kristen McCormack and Three Forks placed sixth as a team.

“That’s pretty respectable for not having any golf played last year,” Three Forks head coach Aaron Harkins said. “First time the girls ever went to state, this group at least, so really happy with them.”

Three Forks was sitting fifth after the first round Tuesday with a 439. Then the Wolves improved by nine strokes on Day 2 en route to finishing with a two-day total of 869.

“We were fairly consistent with what we did at divisionals and what we did at state,” said Harkins. “It was good enough to win divisionals and good enough to take sixth at state.”

Columbus won the championship with a 791, while Big Timber and Shelby rounded out the top three with scores of 830 and 836, respectively.

Fairfield’s Emma Woods won the individual championship with a two-day total of 154, while Jefferson’s Celi Chapman was second with a 164.

Three Forks was led by Taylor Rafferty, who placed 21st with rounds of 104 and 102 for a 206. Teammate Halee Wilson was five strokes back following rounds of 110 and 101 for a 211.

The Wolves were rounded out by Brooklyn Hossfield (116-118—234), Lydia Kluin (109-127—236), and Ari Judd, who was disqualified. All five golfers will return next year, which has Harkins excited about the future.

“Like I said, this is the first time these girls have actually been to a state tournament, so in that regard their young,” he said. “We still got another year with them and if everything stays the same Class B-wise, I think we have a really, really good shot to do some great things next year and maybe place at state.”

McCormack earned All-State honors for the Tigers after placing 15th. The senior posted rounds of 103 and 98 to finish with a 201.

“Good way to end a high school career,” Manhattan head coach Pat Lynch said.

As a team, the Tigers finished eighth with a 911 after posting scores of 454 and 457. While golfers were fairly consistent both days, Lynch noted they were exhausted after long tournament.

“It really was a tough three days for all the kids because practice round and then two full days of competition, so it was a challenge physically, mentally and emotionally,” said Lynch. “The kids handled it pretty darn well, but right now you can see it on everybody’s faces, they’re drained.”

Ashley McCormack improved by three strokes on Day 2 to finish with rounds of 108 and 105 for a 213. She was followed by teammates Katelyn Sander (107-117—224) and Madeline Kitto (136-167—273).

While the McCormack sisters will graduate, Lynch expects Kitto and Sander to return next year.

“And we’ll see how everything comes up with the younger grades for next year,” he said.

On the boys’ side, Columbus also won the team championship with a 682, while Baker’s Konner Flint was the individual winner with a 152.

Manhattan and Three Forks did not qualify a boys team or individual for state.

State B Tournament

(at Eaglerock Golf Course, Billings)

Boys Results

Team scores: Columbus 334-348-682, Missoula Loyola 348-342-690; Conrad 343-353-696, Baker 351-352-703, Glasgow 365-364-729, Anaconda 364-368-732, Eureka 371-379-750, Jefferson 377-375-752, Red Lodge 373-388-761, Forsyth 386-376-762, Malta 412-407-819, Cut Bank 420-416-836.

Individual scores: Konner Flint, Baker, 77-75-152; Zeke Boos, Loyola, 76-77-153; Jarek Shepherd, Conrad, 76-83-159; Peyton Toney, Townsend, 79-82-161; Erik Casazza, Eureka, 82-79-161; Kyler Cassel, Shelby, 81-84-165; Mike Courts, Columbus, 80-87-167; Riley Smith, Glasgow, 85-82-167; Landon Olson, Columbus, 86-82-168; Colin Wade, Bigfork, 90-79-169; Caden Meier, Columbus, 79-90-169; Holter Sand, Forsyth, 88-81-169; Rowdy Hudson, Huntley Project, 82-87-169; Dillon Warren, Great Falls Central, 87-83-170; Burke Mastel, Red Lodge, 83-88-171; Kade Pardee, Thompson Falls, 89-83-172; Henry Bieler, Choteau, 86-88-174; Max Giles, Fairfield, 85-89-174; Andy Savoy, Anaconda, 92-83-175; Joe Lackman, Forsyth, 89-86-175; Brady Bokma, Conrad, 94-83-177; Keigan Ingram, Glasgow, 96-81-177; Kaden Matheny, Loyola, 90-87-177; Chase Anderson, Columbus, 89-89-178; Caden Huntsinger, Conrad, 86-92-178; Preston Field, Jefferson, 92-87-179; Connor Hansen, Loyola, 88-91-179; Jaxson Tronstad, Baker, 88-91-180; Colin Lorbiecke, Baker, 95-85-180; Kaden Bishop, Malta, 97-83-180; Kaide Griffith, Roundup, 91-89-180; Noah Haffey, Loyola, 94-87-181; Cristean Habets, Conrad, 87-95-182; Jack Haffey, Loyola, 93-89-182; Bradley Wolfe, Anaconda, 88-96-184; Jacob Greenwood, Anaconda, 93-93-186; Jagger Hofstad, Choteau, 86-100-186; Eli Feezell, Glasgow, 90-96-186; James Pinski, Great Falls Central, 89-97-186; Everest Carmain, Red Lodge, 94-92-186; Cory Marker, Anaconda, 91-96-187; Marcus Lee, Jefferson, 90-97-187; Leevi Bohrer, Deer Lodge, 95-92-187; Tanner Cromwell, Anaconda, 96-94-190; Michael Sorenson, Forsyth, 97-93-190; Rory Lingle, Baker, 91-100-191; Tate Monroe, Cut Bank, 92-99-191; Kincaid Teske, Columbus, 98-95-193; Kyler Burton, Colstrip, 95-99-194; Matt Larson, Cut Bank, 102-92-194; Malachi Warneke, Shepherd, 104-91-195; Zach Stenslie, Eureka, 97-100-197; Kade Harwood, Conrad, 104-95-199; Rance Rhoads, Glasgow, 94-105-199; Thomas Buchanan, Red Lodge, 99-100-199; Vinny Chappell, Glasgow, 100-99-199; Walker Boos, Red Lodge, 97-108-205; Connor Clausen, Malta, 99-108-207; Keenan McDole, Eureka, 100-109-209; Logan Gilmore, Jefferson, 106-105-211; Braden Casazza, Eureka, 105-107-212; Shane Barcus, Cut Bank, 113-99-212; Jory Miller, Baker, 112-101-213; Jon Siewing, Malta, 105-110-215; Ashton Weston, Malta, 111-106-217; Brandon Emineth, Red Lodge, 111-116-227; Teajay Fulton, Forsyth, 112-116-228; Hunter Stolem, Malta 114-120-234; Dawson Vasboe, Cut Bank, 113-126-239; Eli Johnson, Forsyth, 123-125-248; Bryce Shields, Jefferson, 128-131-259; Wyatt Michaels, Cut Bank, DQ.

Girls Results

Team scores: Columbus 411-380-791, Big Timber 406-424-830, Shelby 434-402-836, Shepherd 447-405-852, Colstrip 443-425-868, Three Forks 439-430-869, Townsend 437-456-893, Manhattan 454-457-911, Glasgow 491-443-934, Bigfork 486-460-946, Malta 536-517-1053.

Individual scores: Emma Woods, Fairfield, 78-76-154; Celi Chapman, Jefferson, 80-84-154; Kyla Bohne, Eureka, 87-87-174; Megan Baxter, Thompson Falls, 88-93-181; Aubree Mitchum, Columbus, 92-90-182; Abby Baer, Colstrip, 94-89-183; Sam Moore, Big Timber, 90-96-186; Camryn Collins, Baker, 95-93-188; Ellie Baxter, Thompson Falls, 95-98-193; Savannah Durocher, Choteau, 97-98-195; Trinity Wilson, Townsend, 94-102-196; Kodi Obert, Columbus, 100-98; Jori Clary, Shelby, 100-100-200; Dianna Mandajoyan, Colstrip, 101-100-201; Kristen McCormack, Manhattan, 103-98-201; Maddison Underdal, Shelby, 102-100-202; Molly Hamilton, Columbus, 108-95-203; Abby McCollom, Choteau, 105-100-205; Hailey Reynolds, Shepherd, 103-102-205; Bianca Torney, Anaconda, 112-94-206; Taylor Rafferty, Three Forks, 104-102-206; Cady Ekle, Columbus, 111-97-208; Natalie Roberts, Big Timber, 98-111-209; Delaney Clark, Shelby, 109-101-210; Ashley Roberts, Big Timber, 102-108-210; Lakota Becker, Conrad, 108-103-211; Paige Lethert, Columbus, 108-103-211; Halee Wilson, Three Forks, 110-101-211; Emmy Lundin, Shepherd, 112-100-212; Sydney Gibbs, Malta, 111-102-213; Ashley McCormack, Manhattan, 108-105-213; Audrey Taylor, Conrad, 109-104-213; Shelby Hawthorn, Shepherd, 113-104-217; Cassadie Howe, Shepherd, 119-99-218; Maddie Green, Great Falls Central, 108-112-220; Katie Hummel, Bigfork, 105-115-220; Bailee Baxter, Glasgow, 117-104-221; Olivia Violett, Great Falls Central, 112-109-221; Katelyn Sander, Manhattan, 107-117-224; Devany Lamb, Shelby, 123-101-224; Alice Brummer, Townsend, 110-115-225; Ona Larson, Big Timber, 116-109-225; Sydney Slawter, Bigfork, 121-105-226; Macy Burns, Colstrip, 113-113-226; Meagan Johnson, Whitehall, 112-116-228; Shanice Lagerquist, Glasgow, 118-112-230; Beatriz Antonio, Huntley Project, 123-107-230; Mackenzie Holton, Bigfork, 114-117-231; Becca Payne, Townsend, 121-111-232; Kennedy Koss, Malta, 115-117-232; Brooklyn Hossfield, Three Forks, 116-118-234; Kennah Jensen, Roundup, 124-111-235; Lydia Kluin, Three Forks, 109-127-236; RaeAnna King, Big Timber, 127-111-238; Mikayla Kraft, Townsend, 112-128-240; Kylie Lagerquist, Glasgow, 132-108-240; Brynna Wolfe, Whitehall, 128-113-241; Allie Palm, Glasgow, 124-119-243; Elyse McCann, Shepherd, 130-116-246; Brae Eneboe, Conrad, 133-114-247; Lavida Dalby, Malta, 124-130-254; Jaylen Kinzel, Colstrip, 135-123-258; Bianca Graham, Missoula Loyola, 143-117-260; Megan Benjamin, Shelby, 136-128-264; Brooklyn Kallenberger, Bigfork, 146-123-269; Madeline Kitto, Manhattan, 136-137-273; Ava Hall, Bigfork, 147-128-275; Cierra Fuzesy, Colstrip, 148-162-310; Elle Stone, Glasgow, 183-167-350; Aubri Werk, Malta, 186-168-354; Morgan Newman, Missoula Loyola, 108-DQ; Ari Judd, Three Forks, DQ; Julia Salois, Conrad, DQ.

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