NAME: Roberta C. Foginthemorning

AGE: 62

OCCUPATION: Healthcare

FAMILY: Widowed with three grown sons

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? To make a difference here in Belgrade. I’m running for office so I can give people a choice for the vote.

WHAT PARTICULAR SKILLS, QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE WOULD YOU BRING TO THE JOB? I have a lot of cultural and diversity experience. I’m Native American Crow, born and raised in Montana. I speak my language and participate in Crow and other cultural celebrations. I have lived in Belgrade for 30 years.

IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT ARE THE MOST PRESSING ISSUES FACING THE CITY? The need for housing and dealing with rapid growth.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IF ELECTED? I want to have a voice in our small town so it will be more inclusive. I would like to help alleviate the problems created by our rapid growth and represent the community during this period. One of my priorities will be to ensure that Belgrade’s infrastructure – things like sidewalks and street crossings – are safe.

TELL US ONE FUN FACT ABOUT YOURSELf: Next fall, I’m going to bring my people and have a huge parade! I favor fun events like the Fall Festival and will continue to support them to keep Belgrade happy.

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